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PostgreSQL PHP Generator 14.10

PostgreSQL PHP Generator lets you build a website from your SQL database
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PostgreSQL is a new database infrastructure that has evolved in the last years to become a very popular advanced database management system. PostgreSQL PHP Generator 7.1 by SQL Maestro Group is professional yet simple tool that can help people with absolutely no previous experiences with PHP or PostgreSQL to build complex well-written code in PHP that gives them full control over their PostgreSQL databases allowing adding, editing, searching, sorting, deleting data from the database. The program has an easy to use wizard which will lead you through the steps where you will specify to it which tables, fields should be used and which kind of queries to be executed by the script. It also offers the ability of protecting the script from unauthorized access by protecting the generated script with username and password combination. Not only that by the generated script HTML design can be customized. More over, you can set header and footer for your web application, In addition to ability to change fonts, colors, tables and backgrounds. The program allows you to add multi-lingual to the generated web scripts.

Mark Adeeb
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  • easy to use Wizard
  • Freeware
  • Customizable HTML templates
  • Password protection available


  • Works with one database at a time
  • No advanced validation of input fields while inserting records
  • Requires an existing database
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